Question :
How long does it take to set up a Restaurant Space?
Answer : Assuming you already have digital images of your restaurant, menus, staff information, and access to printed material about your business, typically you can have a Restaurant Space up and running in under 30 minutes. More advanced features or in-depth coverage on your restaurant, specific promotions or special events, or a more customized approach may take longer to set up.

Question : I already have a website. How can I transfer it to run on
Answer : Due to the large variety of websites out there, there is no automated migration path that can import an existing website to run on You will have to manually upload your images to and effectively create your site from scratch.

Question : I'm not very savvy with computers. Is for me?
Answer : Yes, was designed from the ground up, to simplify the creation of your Restaurant Space as much as possible, and our step-by-step, user-friendly interface will guide you through the process. A basic understanding of web browsing (not authoring) is all it takes to get started.

Question : What login ID is best?
Answer : Your login ID is also part of the domain to your website, which is given high importance by search engines when indexing your site. You should therefore use terms that you want your site to be associated with, such as your restaurant name, for example, "steakhousecorona." Just remember that this ID also should be easy to memorize, so don't go overboard with one that is too long.

Question : Can I link my own domain name with your service?
Answer : Once you've chosen your login ID, let's say steakhousecorona, a domain name is automatically created for you, which then would be It is also possible to configure your current website: If you own your own domain name, you can use web forwarding or other similar means to redirect users to When users type your domain name in the browser's address bar, they will be redirected to, which will appear in the browser's address bar.

Question : What are the suggested formats and dimensions of images I should upload for best results?
Answer : Regardless of the format that your original images are encoded in,'s servers will convert and save them as JPGs. can accept GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP image formats only. automatically scales the images to best fit various web page layouts, so you do not need to resize images before uploading them. However, for smoother uploads, we recommend that uploading image sizes be under 1MB in file size. Larger images, especially BMP, may take too long to upload over a slow Internet connection. In this case, we recommend scaling down the images to no less than 600 pixels in width or in height before uploading them.

Question : Can I add YouTube video in my restaurant space?
Answer : Yes, You can. To embed a YouTube video, first copy the URL of the video ( like: ) on YouTube site. Click on YouTube icon in the toolbar in your space text editor, paste the URL into the "URL" field.

Question : What do I have to do to be featured on's home page?
Answer : As long as your Restaurant Space has abundant content, including a listing of dishes, news/events, staff information, and so on, you will be popular to foodies and will be selected to top the list and be featured on the home page. Please be advised that popularity among foodies is the most important determining factor for getting featured, although rating does matter as well.

Question : How can I measure the amount of hits on my website?
Answer : posts visits under each category that can be seen from the front end or back end of your Restaurant Space.

Question : Can I edit the HTML code of my site?
Answer : supports setting arbitrary HTML in description, but not javascript. This limitation is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the Restaurant Spaces, and as a whole, and to protect our subscribers and visitors from potentially malicious code.